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Archicad Now Connects to Rhino

Though easy to overlook due to the Archicad 19 lead-up release, Graphisoft’s announcement that it now has a Rhino connection to Archicad is a significant development and a sound business decision, and the company should be applauded for it (see Graphisoft Announces Rhinoceros – ARCHICAD Connection). Users of Archicad who have been longing for cutting-edge design tools that work with complex fluid NURBS surfaces can now do their design work in Rhino and bring it into Archicad as GDL objects. This is a very exciting development.

In a previous blog post (see Was it Worth Switching to Archicad), we wondered what Graphisoft would do to enable architects to go beyond rectilinear forms and develop designs based on NURBS surfaces. The option of developing its own software to do that is risky for two reasons: 1) It may take away resources from further developing Archicad, Graphisoft’s flagship BIM application, and 2) It would take a long time for such new program to reach a credible level of maturity. Therefore, the business decision to partner with Robert McNeel & Associates, the makers of Rhino, to create a connection with Archicad makes a lot of sense. This Graphisoft decision is one more confirmation why SYLLA made the right decision to switch to Archicad in 2014 (see Why SYLLA International Switched to Archicad).

Now users of Archicad can truly push the design envelope and come up with as cutting-edge architecture as can be produced with any other design program, and if this partnership between Graphisoft and Robert McNeel & Associates can be further nurtured, Archicad’s brighter days are still ahead of it. Meanwhile, those who are less adventurous in free-form design will not see a leveling off of Archicad and its development due to the new connection with Rhino.

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